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Fantasy Basketball 2012

Keeper League Trio Message Board

Taxable Keepers (BEFORE TAXES)

Taxable Keepers (Before Taxes)

Paul George $4

Steph Curry $69

John Wall $44

Goran Dragic $1

Klay Thompson $1

Mike Conley $28

LaMarcus Aldridge $29

Spencer Hawes $1

Jared Dudley $8

Aaron Afflalo $8

Ty Lawson $18

OJ Mayo $8

Chris Bosh $19

Ryan Anderson $4

Kris Humprees $18

Andrew Bynum $15

Tyson Chandler $9

Brandon Jennings $31

Kyrie Irving $22

Marc Gasol $29

Tiago Splitter $1

James Harden $24

Bismack Biyombo $1

Rajon Rondo $53

Marcin Gortat $28

JR Smith $1

Pau Gasol $65

Luol Deng $27

Al Horford $31

Kevin Martin $43

George Hill $4

Serge Ibaka $15

Kevin Durant $90

Kawhi Leonard $1

Andrew Bogut $1

Gordon Heyward $1

Andrea Bargnani $17

Paul Millsap $32

Rodney Stuckey $9

Chris Kaman $1

DeMarcus Cousins $37

Jonas Valanciunas $1

Here is how you calculate the tax:

XXXX-XXXX (rounded to nearest $1). I probably made errors, so feel free to point them out if you wish. This tax won't be perfect, but it will help from stopping hoarding.

XXXX-XXXX tax on the list of XX keepers from XXXX-XXXX

"Every $1 player becomes $15
$2 - $30 players get taxed 40%
$31 - $50 players get taxed 30% - Spencer"

$51-$70 players get taxed 25%
$71+ players get taxed 15%

Minimum $8 tax

No player's value shall be above $99 with taxes.


If you chose to keep more than one player from the list of XX keepers from XXXX-XXXX you are subject to a $3 fee per player that are on the XXXX-XXXX can't cut list.

players may NOT still be on the teams listed below (if they were cut or traded)