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Fantasy Basketball 2012

Keeper League Trio Message Board

Taxable Keepers (Taxed) (Can't Cut List Tax Not Included)

Pre- Possible Can't Cut List Tax (If you keep more than one taxable keeper)

Paul George $12*

Steph Curry $86*

John Wall $57*

Goran Dragic $15*

Klay Thompson $15*

Mike Conley $39*

LaMarcus Aldridge $41*

Spencer Hawes $15*

Jared Dudley $16*

Aaron Afflalo $16*

Ty Lawson $26*

OJ Mayo $16*

Chris Bosh $27*

Ryan Anderson $12*

Kris Humprees $26*

Andrew Bynum $23*

Tyson Chandler $17*

Brandon Jennings $40*

Kyrie Irving $29*

Marc Gasol $41*

Tiago Splitter $15*

James Harden $34*

Bismack Biyombo $15*

Rajon Rondo $66*

Marcin Gortat $39*

JR Smith $15*

Pau Gasol $81*

Luol Deng $38*

Al Horford $40*

Kevin Martin $43

George Hill $12*

Serge Ibaka $23*

Kevin Durant $99********* (MAXED)

Kawhi Leonard $15*

Andrew Bogut $15*

Gordon Heyward $15*

Andrea Bargnani $25*

Paul Millsap $42*

Rodney Stuckey $17*

Chris Kaman $15*

DeMarcus Cousins $48*

Jonas Valanciunas $15*


I've never heard of any of these players! What sport is this?
Thanks for all your hard work DS. This is a good league.
Well I'm on vacation now.

So it was just something to kill a few hours.

I feel like I have been semi-competitive every year.

I need to finally win this year.

Can't wait for the mockery to begin.
Don't feel bad! David Stern has never won an NBA Championship.