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Fantasy Basketball 2012

Keeper League Trio Message Board


I am ONLY putting picked up players on this list.

If you drafted someone at $1 that wasn't previously kept, you obviously get to keep them for $1.

Date Player Type From To By
Apr 17 5:52amAddWaivers ($1)Air Up ThereBeau
Apr 15 11:08pmAddFree AgentsFRESHjesse
Apr 15 10:16pmAddFree AgentsDunk SessionEuthanizer
Apr 15 10:12pmAddFree AgentsDunk SessionEuthanizer
Apr 15 5:33pmAddFree AgentsFRESHjesse
Apr 15 1:13amAddFree AgentsDunk SessionEuthanizer
Apr 14 6:44pmAddFree AgentsDunk SessionEuthanizer
Apr 14 6:43pm

John Salmons****** MAR 27
Aminu shouldn't be here...
Jan 13 10:31amAddFree AgentsFRESHjesse
Jan 13 7:46amAddFree AgentsHatawShants
Rip Hamilton****** DEC 30
Dec 28 6:10pmAddFree AgentsDx2DAN
Dec 28 8:51amAddFree AgentsKnickerbockersMike
Dec 12 4:01amAddFree AgentsDx2DAN
Dec 11 10:57pmAddFree AgentsmayraEvan Turney
Dec 11 9:26pmAddFree AgentsDer Kaiserniels degn
Dec 11 6:13pmAddFree AgentsDer Kaiserniels degn
Dec 9 11:22pmAddFree AgentsHatawShants
Dec 8 2:12amAddFree AgentsFRESHjesse
Dec 7 10:06pmAddFree AgentsAir Up ThereBeau
Dec 6 2:30amAddFree AgentsDer Kaiserniels degn
Nov 24 3:39amAddFree AgentsDx2DAN
Nov 23 11:17pmAddFree AgentsFRESH
Nov 22 5:55amAddFree AgentsDx2DAN
Nov 21 10:47pm