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The Waiver Wire

One of my favorite things about any fantasy sport is combing the waiver wire for hidden gems. Last year, Jordy Nelson and DeMarco Murray in football, and Ersan Ilyasova in basketball, were my best finds. This year, however, every league I'm in seems deep as hell, and the waiver wire is down to the scum stuck to the bottom of the barrel. How will we see who the Waiver Wizard (the worst DC villain, in my opinion) is in our league when there's no one there?
Deeper leagues still have important waiver plays because you have to react quickly to injuries on your non-keepers - the top of the waiver wire is the last few starters that haven't been snapped up and a horde of decent sixth men who will become starters when a starter is out for a few weeks.

But the other thing deeper leagues do - which I like - is encourage trading.
Even better, this league has not yet been infected with the distrust that all fantasy leagues engender over time, from every owner screwing every other owner over so many times that trades are impossible. I look forward to screwing someone over/being screwed over in a trade sometime soon.
Yeah, our waiver wire may be a bit leaner than smaller leagues, but there can still be gems there. I feel like I found a couple good role players (heh) after a tail end of the draft that was ...ahem... less than optimal. Not having an IR spot like some football leagues might also lead to a few guys staying on rosters when injured (I'm looking at you, Kevin Love) and in turn leaving available some players who are getting playing time.