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I dropped Mullins, don't know what happened to him after that.

After the trade went through I asked the Fantasy Nomad what he thought (not telling him who was involved) and he thought Landry should have been upgraded to a better player. I think it was a pretty even trade since Kemba is putting up ridiculous numbers.

Hey jay

Same with Lillard! He dropped 29 yesterday! Carl Landry has good games and bad games, stick with him as long as boguts out.
Even so if u wanted a new bigman okafor is waiting in free agency .
Jay, what do you mean? In real life or in the podcast league? In the league Marc picked him up, while I wanted him so badly. In real life, he put up two solid games (and a crappy one yesterday, which calms me down a bit). Anyway, Atawn is falling down the cliff again and Mullens whould have been the perfect replacement.
Out of topic: Keep up the great work, thx!!
Wow, this week we'll see who made the better deal. Good look to both of you.
Same to you. Should be an interesting matchup.
Now I get another chance on Mullens. But he would also fit well in your team, vinegar strokes, since your building up a FG%-suicide squad with Jennings and Manu. Perfect trade this time, Aussie, and congratulations to your Jack steal.