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So Aussie drops Batum by mistake, my waiver claim goes through, and then the commish reverses all the roster changes the next day. Fantasy managers should be allowed to make mistakes like this, even if it affects the chances of playoff teams. I'd agree that certain drops would sway the rosters too drastically, but that is why yahoo(or espn or whomever) deems specific players as "undroppable." Batum is not designated "undroppable." He should have been fair game.

What makes this situation more unfair is that I put in a waiver claim for DeRozen the same time I added Batum. So now I didn't get either player and the waiver position I'd been saving for months drops to 13. My matchup this week is tight, I'd been paying attention to this league all season, and Batum/DeRozen/someone else could have made a vital difference.

And I was not even aware of all those posts about an alleged agreement not to claim certain players until tonight. My claims were in a few days ago and I've been away from the internet for most of today.

And I apologize if I sound like I'm venting (because I am), but some fantasy managers are not paying attention at all or are just plain bad. If they make mistakes, we need to keep managing our own teams. I would never interfere with another team's roster, even though it would inevitably affect my own team's chances. That would be like sending an email to Vinegar Strokes telling him to set his roster so Melo doesn't get a free ride this week. Jennings and Ginobli would probably be more useful off the bench.

I'm sorry if you feel this is unfair. Aussie didn't drop Batum by mistake. He thought he would add some randomness to the playoffs and drop 2 really good players come playoff time. I didn't think that was cool/fair for someone to pick up a really good player like that so I reversed it. I removed all the "undroppable" tags from the entire league because I felt that if a player had a season ending injury right before the playoffs it would suck if they were labeled undroppable.

and since you got screwed out of your waiver priority I bumped you up to the top of the list
Thanks for that.
The DeRozen thing isn't nice but Aussie really messed it all up. As Jay said, this was not just a bad management decission but an careless attempt to influence the outcome of the season.
Exactly, if it was a stupid mistake I would have let it go, but this was intentional.

i like that you removed the "undroppable" tag but wouldn't it have been better to add an IR spot for every team? At least 1.
I couldn't find that option. I'm not sure if they have it anymore, my other league doesn't have one either. I added an extra bench player because I wasn't able to make an IR spot.

An IR spot would've been useful. It sucks if Yahoo removed that option. Adding an extra roster spot though was both good and bad for a few different reasons.

I think the best setting for a league like this would've been a weekly game limit of around 30-something games. Without a limit, stockpiling scrubs and playing every player available all the time would win you almost every week's matchup. With a limit, you can treat your last two roster spots as IR's OR you can pick up players like Koufos or Battier if you're specifically vying for REB's or 3's.

Can sombody explain the differnce between IR and bench spot to me?

If a player is injured and has that red INJ tag, you would be able to move him to an IR spot on your roster. Once you do that, you'd have a regular bench spot open on your roster, on which you can add another guy.

I still think that if the commish wants to do this next year, he should consider a weekly game limit. That would negate a need for an IR, even up more of the matchups, and put less emphasis on scouring the waiver wire. I have to admit that the first thing I look for when making claims is how many games each player has during the week. It becomes quantity (# of games) over quality (how good the player is). We'd also be dealing with overall better players.

I see, thanks! I think I would prefer a game limit to an IR spot, too. But it should be more than 3 games per active roaster spot and week, rather 3.4 which would amount to 34 games per week in our league. With less games the substituions become irrelevant and that's part of the fun to squeeze something out of them.
Keep the suggestions coming and I'll see what I can do for next season. There's also a keeper league option and an option to draft by budget so teams would have a salary cap.
I like auction draft as well.
By the way: I shouldn't complain, cause autodraft gave me some damn good players for their draftposition like Kobe and Curry and I might have done much worse taking part in the draft personally. But It would be great for me, beeing from Europe, if the draft was scheduled on a saturday next time so I can take part at nighttime, without messing up a workday. I think on a saturday anyone from Melbourne, Moskow and Minneapolis could take part, no matter at what time. A little bit off topic, I know.