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Fantasy Basketball 2012

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Suggestions for next season

Put your comments here for any suggestions/things you'd like to see different for next season. Also, what do you think of an auction draft? This is where every team has a budget of $260 (fake money) and can bid on any player. It might take a little longer, but might be more fun since anyone can end up with the top few players. What do you think?
Draftday: Saturday so the whole world should be able to take part cause you can get up late on sundays or is awake already.
Draft: Maybe auction draft is fairer cause everbody has the same chance to get each player. But you have to be able to take part. It's hell on autodraft. I like the traditional method too though.
IR-Spot/Game limit: One of them. Limit suggestion: 34 games per week with three bench spots or 33 games per week with 2 bench spots.
Keeperleague: I would take part.
Transactions: should become a stat catagory that counts,...just joking.
I forgot: As Eric said, finals week one week before LeBron, Parker and co need a break to get ready for their playoffs.