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Fantasy Basketball 2013

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Final Matchup and Another Podcast to Listen too

Well I don't know about everyone else, but I enjoyed this season and league. I am still upset about losing my matchup to Roy Hibberts Block (Deing saved you along with all of your point guards deciding rebounding was something they should start doing especially Felton) by 4 rebounds. Anyways it looks like we will have a good final and I am excited for next season.

Since we are all here because we listen to a podcast I wanted to recommend another podcast that I think everyone would enjoy. It's called Short Corner and its hosted by Paul Shirley (a former NBA player) and Justin Halpern (Shit my Dad Says and I Suck at Girls author). They take a not so serious look at the NBA and have had some great Knick bashing episodes that I think we can all appreciate.

Anyways to close, even though there are only 2 teams left playing in our league, we can all watch the Knicks battle the Hawks for 8th place, most likely only to see the Knicks lose on the last day to miss out on the playoffs. The joys of being a Knick fan...

I'd like to say thank you to everyone (except the 3 who didn't update their roster all season, no thanks for you!). I was one Anthony Davis injury away from making the finals, so it was a fun run. I think the auction draft was a lot of fun too, it will probably be even better next year with only 12-14 teams. Hopefully most of you will be back next season.

I used to read Paul Shirleys blog back when he was playing overseas and trying to get back into the NBA and I was on myspace, he was entertaining so I'm sure his podcast is too.

Well I very much enjoyed the season and look forward to next season.

I am in the finals of my other 2 leagues but wanted this on..anyway..Lets go knicks