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So now we are at ten teams, leaving room for two more. Like I said: I'm capping at 12 teams - that's the maximum point where waiver-wire work gets interesting (since we're only playing, effectively, with the top 156 players in a league with 450 players in it). But I'd be fine with ten teams as well. Please note right now the draft is set for the evening of Friday the 25th at 9 pm EST.

Two questions:

1.) how do people feel about standard draft versus auction draft? As I said before: I'm interested in doing an auction draft this year. The upsides of auction draft is that everybody gets a chance at their favorite players and people become more invested in their big buys (so it sort of mimics real-life GMing, which is neat). The downside of an auction draft is that it will take SIGNIFICANTLY longer than a standard draft (several hours).

2.) How do people feel about limiting bench players to 2 rather than the standard 3? It gives a little less flexibility, but increases the unused player pool significantly. Plus it makes the draft a little shorter.
I'd go for an auction draft, and do two bench players. Also, I can't do Friday night for the draft. :/ Sorry.
Two bench players is fine. I'm unsure about an auction draft, but I'm down for whatever. Put me down as "no opinion."
I've never done an auction draft...I'd be interested in doing that.
I'm okay for an auction draft and the time and date
Auction drafts, for the record, work as follows:

1. Each player gets 200 fakedollars for his team.

2. In randomly determined order, each player nominates a player to be bid upon. So I go first and I pick LeBron James to be auctioned; I have the first bid.

3. Yahoo! software will tell you what each player is projected to be valued and what each player goes for, on average. So LeBron is projected to be "worth" about $70 worth of of your 200 fakedollars - however, on average, he goes for about 82 (because a lot of people are willing to overspend a bit to get LeBron).

4. Then it's just an open bid with all players going at it until somebody bids something nobody else is willing to beat; they then pay their fakedollars to the bank and player #2 nominates a player for bid. And so forth.

What this means in practice is every player has an opportunity to go after the players they really want (rather than "well, I didn't get first pick, so I don't get LeBron").
That sounds awesome. I can't do Sunday night, but other than that I'm fine for whenever (and Tuesday and Thursday I get home at 8).
I'm in favor of both of those options -- the auction draft and the smaller bench. That bench option would be especially useful if we wind up at 12 teams, I think, because that helps the unused player pool be of a bit higher quality (than, say, last year, where it got to be pretty slim pickings at times). Also, as the guy who picked dead last out of 12 teams last year (though that actually turned out alright long-term), my sense is that the auction draft makes things a bit more even-handed and based on strategery rather than chance. These are my thoughts.

Chris: You think an auction with 10-12 teams will take, what, like 5-6 hours? Guess that makes for a pretty late night in ET or CT, but that's alright for a Friday.