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Fantasy Basketball 2013

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Update #2

1. The mob has spoken and it will be an auction draft.

2. Presently we are still scheduled to draft on Friday the 25th at 9 pm EST; I really want 100 percent attendance because the Yahoo auction bots are iffy at best; they tend to bid on players up to their estimated average buy value, which means that more often than not you end up with 2-3 expensive players and then everybody else on your team is who you were able to get for a dollar. Which both makes for a lopsided team AND makes the auction draft less fun for everybody bidding live.

In short: we can consider another time/date for the draft (within about a week) but my guideline is maximizing player attendance.

3. We have a potential 11th player who played last year; however because this is a head-to-head league, we would need a 12th to accomodate him. Does anybody know anyone looking for a league who's cool? Otherwise I'll just ask on Twitter.
UPDATE TO UPDATE: we're at 12! Invites sent out.
Thanks for the invite, I'll get on my friend at accept his so we can lock this in!
Uh, I can't believe I didn't dope this out earlier, but the 25th is literally my wedding anniversary...and while my wife of soon to be ten years is a patient woman, I'm pretty sure an auction fantasy basketball draft is not going to fly. So unless we DO change the date, I'd be relying on the mercy of the draft bots. 
Potential alternate date/times for draft (projecting a 12 player draft with 12 players per team = 144 players = average of one minute per player so call it 2 1/2 hours):

Tuesday the 22nd @ 9 PM EST
Wednesday the 23rd @9 PM EST
Thursday the 24th @ 9 PM EST
Saturday the 26th @ 2PM EST or 5 PM EST or 8 PM EST
Defintely can not do the 24th. If that's the date, I will have to robo auction it.
I wouldn't be able to do the 23rd, the other times would be fine.
Also a definite no on Wed or Thu. Can do Tuesday or any of the times on Saturday, though. (Or the original Friday slot, should we not be able to find an alternative.)
Wednesday or Saturday at 8 work for me.
My little brother's birthday party is Friday, so it's out for me. Sunday's not great either.
Saturday at either 5 PM EST or 8 PM EST work best for me.