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Fantasy Basketball 2013

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Update #3

1. Based on feedback, have changed draft to Saturday at 8 p.m. EST. Can everybody manage this?

2. Kyle and Luke: team names! Come on, it's the cool thing to do!
Sat at 8 works for me. And I'll come up with something eventually, I'm just jazzed that it called my team "neat."
Sat at 8PM works for me!
Well 5PM PST for me, anyway.
Saturday at 5 PST is fine for me, as far as I can tell. I don't know the future, though, so I may accidentally open a temporal rift and be busy battling medieval knights in my living room on Saturday. We'll see.

As for Luke, you could just go with The Miami Neat if you're so keen on being called neat.

I can probably manage Saturday night. But even if not, I have faith in the automatic draft to know more about the current state of the NBA than I do.
Looks good for me. If something unforeseen comes up, I'll take my chances with the auto-bidder.
Sounds good to me...
Okay- unfortunately, I'm now NOT going to be able to live draft tonight...which is extraordinarily lame of me, since the draft night was moved for my sake in the first place...I feel shitty for missing tonight, and I'd feel worse if the draft got moved again, so go ahead, and I'll deal with whatever the draftbots dish out as my deserved punishment...sorry all- have fun tonight!
Are we not doing the only one bench player thing?
It's two bench players - one less than the usual three (that might be the source of your confusion).
Ah. Thanks.