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Twittah Machines

I know some of us are on Twitter, so I want to be able to follow everyone in the league who uses Twitter, mostly because it is fun for trash-talk.

@mightygodking, of course.
Christopher knows my handle already, but for others: I'm @justinsreedy

@henrykha over here
@sigma7 here; account is set to "protected" but I'll add any MGKNBAers gladly.
i haven't used it in over a year, but i'll dust it off: @lookawayimugly
@SamHexagon. I'd say I tweet 20% about basketball and 80% pretentious poetry nonsense, fair warning.

Mostly hockey-related tweets. You can also follow @passittobulis, my Canucks' blog, if you're interested in y'know, the Canucks.

I'm @haldo13_38
@elprime Michael Carter-Williams and I await everyone's supplication.