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2 NBA Team League (ID# 278)

2 NBA Team League

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Week 23

Week 23 - Unofficial Results

Championship Bracket

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1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Finished
avatar Portland Bucksavatar Golden State Nuggetsavatar San Antonio Raptors--
Week 21: Mar 16 - Mar 22
Week 22: Mar 23 - Mar 29
Week 23: Mar 30 - Apr 5
Joffrey Lauvergne Den - SF,PF,C
Free Agent
Darrell Arthur Den - PF,C INJ
To Free Agent
Golden State Nuggets Apr 1, 4:16 pm avatar
Joey Dorsey Hou - PF,C
Free Agent
Houston Bulls Mar 31, 2:25 pm avatar
Patrick Beverley Hou - PG,SG INJ
To Free Agent
Houston Bulls Mar 31, 2:20 pm avatar
Aron Baynes SA - C
Free Agent
Jeff Ayres SA - PF,C
To Free Agent
San Antonio Raptors Mar 30, 6:02 pm avatar
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Commish Updates

  • Apr 6 7:09pm
    2012-2013- League Champions: Minnesota Clippers (Bart)
    2013-2014- League Champions: Washington Pacers (Issac)
    2014-2015- League Champions: Portland Bucks (Eric)

    This is a 2 NBA Team league were your fantasy team is made up of 2 NBA teams. Your team may only consist of NBA players from 1 of 2 of your teams. AKA Combo Teams. There are 14 teams in our league x 2 teams per Coach = 28 NBA teams are used in our league, Which means their are 2 teams available on Waiver Wires/ Free Agents.

    ***No Manager may add/drop a team after week 19 (1 week before playoffs start)***

    The League Champion will be rewarded by keeping both of his/her teams & as for the rest of us, We will be keeping 1 team, than having a 1 round draft to Make our combo teams for next year. (Draft order is Last years standings prior to the playoffs in reverse order).

    Team Names- Your team name must include both of your team(s) & have the NBA standard style team name (Example: "New York 76ers" or "Philadelphia Knicks") This will determine which division your team will be assigned too. ( Eastern or Western). Team Names will be locked at the start of the season.

    (8) Teams Total makes the playoffs!!!!!

    *(Helpful Hint)* - If you load up your "My Watch List" with all the players from your Two Teams , It Makes Life Alot Easier to: find fill in players, Quick & Easy & u can see all your players stats side by side, etc.......

    Every team must set an up to date line-up each week or they chance the risk of losing their team & being kicked out of the league (including tanking to try and get a better spot in next years draft)

    Keeper Team:

    Washington Pacers - Washington Wizards
    Cleveland Pelicans - Cleveland Cavaliers
    Houston Bulls - Houston Rockets
    Brooklyn Mavericks - Brooklyn Nets
    Miami Lakers - Miami Heat
    Charlotte Jazz - Charlotte Hornets
    Sacramento Magic - Sacramento Kings
    Detroit Suns - Phoenix Suns
    Memphis 76ers - Memphis Grizzlies
    Minnesota Thunder - Oklahoma City Thunder
    San Antonio Raptors - San Antonio Spurs
    Atlanta Clippers - Los Angeles Clippers
    Golden State Nuggets - Golden State Warriors
    Portland Bucks - ***League Champions***

    Available Teams:

    New Orleans Pelicans
    Chicago Bulls
    Atlanta Hawks
    Indiana Pacers
    Denver Nuggets
    Dallas Mavericks
    Toronto Raptors
    Minnesota Timberwolves
    Detroit Pistons
    Utah Jazz
    Orlando Magic
    Philadelphia 76ers
    Los Angeles Lakers
    New York Knicks
    Boston Celtics

    Next Years Draft Order:

    1st Pick - Miami Heat
    2nd Pick - Memphis Grizzlies
    3rd Pick - Brooklyn Nets
    4th Pick - Phoenix Suns
    5th Pick - Oklahoma City Thunder
    6th Pick - Charlotte Hornets
    7th Pick - Washington Wizards
    8th Pick - Cleveland Cavaliers
    9th Pick - Sacramento Kings
    10th Pick - Houston Rockets
    11th Pick - San Antonio Spurs
    12th Pick - Los Angeles Clippers
    13th Pick - Golden State Warriors

    * League Champions ~ Portland Bucks ~ (Keeping both of their teams!!!!)*

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