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Manager List

Team Name Manager (Rating) Email Waiver Priority Moves Trades Last League Activity
--hidden--Rate Manager1144 0 Sat Apr 19 12:31am PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager1439 1 Sun Mar 23 3:32am PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager2025 0 Thu Apr 17 2:05am PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager71 0 Sun Nov 17 1:32am PST
--hidden--Rate Manager929 0 Sun Mar 23 9:16am PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager65 0 Tue Apr 15 11:14am PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager1926 0 Thu Apr 17 2:09am PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager10 0 Sat Oct 12 2:37pm PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager1574 0 Sun Mar 23 9:07am PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager185 0 Tue Mar 25 7:53pm PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager1314 0 Thu Apr 17 12:00pm PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager1221 0 Thu Apr 17 10:44am PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager107 0 Sun Apr 6 4:59am PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager1615 0 Sun Mar 23 4:43am PDT
--hidden--CommissionerRate Manager814 0 Mon Apr 7 6:16am PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager1713 0 Thu Apr 17 10:51am PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager27 0 Thu Feb 20 2:47am PST
--hidden--Rate Manager311 0 Wed Apr 16 10:08am PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager42 1 Sat Apr 19 1:31am PDT
--hidden--Rate Manager52 0 Sat Apr 5 8:15am PDT
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner