Commissioner's Note

Commissioner's Note

  • Oct 6 6:17am
    Gentlemen, we are less than a month away from tip-off. Please remember the following dates:
    Friday, October 16th - League fee of $100 due
    Saturday, October 17th - Keepers are due
    Thursday, October 22nd @ 8:00pm - THE DRAFT

    Let me know if you have any questions!!!
  • Oct 5 1:46pm
    In regards to the Draft Date and Time.
    I'm going to set it up for Thurs, 22nd at 8pm.
    Good luck to EVERYONE!
  • Oct 5 1:44pm
    My number is wrong on the message for Keepers. The correct number is 917-328-2754
  • Oct 2 1:39pm
    Keeper Rules:

    Your Keeper must have been drafted AFTER the Third Round.

    If you keep a player that was drafted in the 6th round.
    That's your 6th round pick this year on draft day.

    If you keep a player that when undrafted.
    That'll be your last pick this year.

    Contact me with ANY questions regarding Keepers.
    Frankie (Commish) 917-328-2753