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Team Name Manager Email Waiver Budget Waiver Priority Moves Trades
logo brody's Team--hidden----hidden--$10090 0
logo daniel's Legit Team--hidden----hidden--$100122 0
logo Gotta be KD--hidden----hidden--$7075 0
logo Ian's Unreal Team--hidden----hidden--$10020 0
logo Jerrad's Team--hidden----hidden--$10042 0
logo liam's Genius Team--hidden----hidden--$10060 0
logo LJ--hidden----hidden--$9612 0
logo Marko's Team--hidden----hidden--$100110 0
logo Nathaniel Calle--hidden----hidden--$10030 0
logo Nikhil's Swag Team--hidden----hidden--$10050 0
logo raju's Team--hidden----hidden--$10080 0
logo Reggie's Nifty Team--hidden----hidden--$100106 0