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Team Name Manager Email Waiver Budget Waiver Priority Moves Trades
logo Borsuki Barabasza--hidden----hidden--$1001410 0
logo Bzyk team--hidden----hidden--$70412 1
logo Evil Inside--hidden----hidden--$100177 0
logo GSWrocek--hidden----hidden--$60320 1
logo Hy-Road Team--hidden----hidden--$84194 0
logo Konrad's Choice Team--hidden----hidden--$90103 0
logo Kraków Smogs--hidden----hidden--$9515 0
logo Krzysztof's Team--hidden----hidden--$10068 0
logo Lepsze Żbiki--hidden----hidden--$921220 0
logo Los SWRos--hidden----hidden--$10055 1
logo Małapanew--hidden----hidden--$272045 1
logo OTFI Team--hidden----hidden--$01176 6
logo Peaky Blinders--hidden----hidden--$401333 0
logo Pobite Gary--hidden----hidden--$100723 1
logo RKS Huwdu--hidden----hidden--$58261 1
logo Rysie Wrocław--hidden----hidden--$70169 2
logo Sami the bull--hidden----hidden--$1001518 4
logo Silesia Miners--hidden----hidden--$49937 1
logo The Fundamentals--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--$100816 0
logo Wuchta Basketu Tej--hidden----hidden--$461815 1
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner