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Team Name Manager Email Waiver Budget Waiver Priority Moves Trades
logo Backtoback--hidden----hidden--$01749 1
logo BAR_I_BAL--hidden----hidden--$771658 0
logo Chelsea 12--hidden----hidden--$87121 0
logo Dunder Mifflin--hidden----hidden--$30827 5
logo Fighting Irish--hidden----hidden--$100732 0
logo JTCZPSF--hidden----hidden--$10030 0
logo LAGAWRONLAKERS--hidden----hidden--$951511 2
logo Lej Mi Pół--hidden----hidden--$019139 0
logo oki's vipers--hidden----hidden--$100210 0
logo OPOwieści z NBA--hidden----hidden--$98913 1
logo Partacze--hidden----hidden--$80144 2
logo Rafał's Team--hidden----hidden--$75116 0
logo Team Pablo--hidden----hidden--$100118 2
logo The Lego--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--$9357 0
logo TOFI Fit--hidden----hidden--$02066 3
logo Two Wheels Lab--hidden----hidden--$100185 0
logo Wilki Wilków--hidden----hidden--$11040 6
logo Wojtek Kędziora--hidden----hidden--$10060 0
logo Wookie Research Team--hidden----hidden--$47441 0
logo Śląsk Wrocław--hidden----hidden--$100130 0
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner