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Team Name Manager Email Waiver Budget Waiver Priority Moves Trades
logo Can KD SABO--hidden----hidden--$981225 0
logo Chinese Bulldogs 🇨🇳🐂🐕's Team--hidden----hidden--$90110 1
logo Darin's Mind-Blowing Team--hidden----hidden--$10040 0
logo Get that garbage outta here--hidden----hidden--$97102 0
logo GTBSGDG--hidden----hidden--$10050 0
logo gyro eater's Choice Team--hidden----hidden--$100117 0
logo Neil's Unrivaled Team--hidden----hidden--$59831 3
logo Ohio Valley Ballers--hidden----hidden--$10079 0
logo Oregon Onocentaurs--hidden----hidden--$85917 0
logo PEIBOL--hidden----hidden--$10060 1
logo Rated PG13--hidden----hidden--$60224 1
logo The Never Nudes--hidden----hidden--$10030 0