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Team Name Manager Email Waiver Budget Waiver Priority Moves Trades
logo 0_o--hidden----hidden--$100870 0
logo Big Cheese--hidden----hidden--$0729 0
logo Brandon's Boss Team--hidden----hidden--$100920 0
logo Christian's Crazy Team--hidden----hidden--$10010 0
logo Coach Yey's Crazy Team--hidden----hidden--$501167 0
logo Gary G's Genius Team--hidden----hidden--$10022 0
logo Lords of Rim Rockin--hidden----hidden--$1001024 0
logo Orange round balls--hidden----hidden--$751230 0
logo randy's Swell Team--hidden----hidden--$9657 0
logo the chiodos bros.--hidden----hidden--$10425 0
logo Thomas's Wonderful Team--hidden----hidden--$8564 0
logo Trenton Tigers--hidden----hidden--$59335 0