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NBA $20K Friday Night Baller [$4K to 1st]
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Team Name Manager Email Waiver Budget Waiver Priority Moves Trades Last League Activity
logo **** **--hidden----hidden--$100638 0 Sun Feb 26 2:59pm PST
logo Alaa Abdelnaby BC--hidden----hidden--$64920 0 Fri Feb 24 11:47am PST
logo Aligatory Mokotow--hidden----hidden--$221051 0 Sun Mar 19 6:43am PDT
logo Beton Bananen--hidden----hidden--$4752 0 Fri Mar 17 2:40pm PDT
logo Chicken Team--hidden----hidden--$013103 0 Sun Mar 19 12:25pm PDT
logo Cowboys from Hell--hidden----hidden--$30237 0 Sun Mar 19 4:52pm PDT
logo Game Time Decision--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--$801584 0 Mon Mar 6 4:47am PST
logo GL Team--hidden----hidden--$90338 0 Sun Feb 26 3:33am PST
logo gliwice_bandit--hidden----hidden--$01677 0 Sat Mar 18 8:57am PDT
logo JacMar Team--hidden----hidden--$831427 0 Mon Mar 6 5:16am PST
logo Jizzy Jizzum--hidden----hidden--$42838 0 Sun Mar 19 12:08am PDT
logo jordan20(j.sprawka)--hidden----hidden--$80522 0 Fri Mar 24 1:19am PDT
logo Krzysztof's Dandy Team--hidden----hidden--$96424 0 Mon Feb 13 5:29pm PST
logo Niepelnosprytni--hidden----hidden--$271299 0 Sun Mar 19 1:14am PDT
logo sama-sama--hidden----hidden--$0141 0 Sun Feb 26 9:48am PST
logo Sinners--hidden----hidden--$541191 0 Sun Feb 26 1:32pm PST
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner