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Team Name Manager Email Waiver Budget Waiver Priority Moves Trades Last League Activity
logo 9 lives of the cat--hidden----hidden--$100215 0 Sun Apr 9 12:27pm PDT
logo Black Stars--hidden----hidden--$95623 2 Sun Apr 9 12:20am PDT
logo Bukkake Teabag--hidden--Co-Cmmissioner--hidden--$01899 2 Sun Apr 9 12:24pm PDT
logo Crab Dribblers--hidden----hidden--$651117 1 Sun Apr 9 11:20am PDT
logo Dzieci Shawna Kempa--hidden----hidden--$4937 3 Sun Apr 9 9:14am PDT
logo Jedwabne Strzały--hidden----hidden--$01387 2 Sun Apr 9 11:29am PDT
logo Kanibal--hidden----hidden--$02099 0 Sun Apr 9 11:08am PDT
logo Krówka Team--hidden----hidden--$2312111 2 Fri Apr 7 2:10am PDT
logo Lej Mi Pół--hidden----hidden--$019147 1 Sun Apr 9 12:28pm PDT
logo Lepsze Żbiki--hidden----hidden--$34169 0 Sun Apr 9 3:48am PDT
logo MAC--hidden----hidden--$04112 2 Sun Apr 9 7:25pm PDT
logo Minnesota Timberlulz--hidden----hidden--$01050 3 Sun Apr 9 3:22am PDT
logo Obiboki--hidden----hidden--$0840 3 Wed Mar 29 2:30pm PDT
logo Return of the Mack--hidden----hidden--$69718 0 Sun Apr 9 10:15am PDT
logo Słoneczka DrunXa--hidden----hidden--$851415 0 Sat Apr 8 10:34pm PDT
logo Team B--hidden----hidden--$30110 0 Sat Apr 8 11:57pm PDT
logo Waiver Wire Required--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--$66558 3 Sun Apr 9 9:55am PDT
logo Westchester Knicks--hidden----hidden--$11314 5 Sat Apr 1 2:13am PDT
logo Wieczni Rezerwowi--hidden----hidden--$01556 6 Sun Apr 9 9:32am PDT
logo Złote Chłopaki--hidden----hidden--$01738 1 Sun Apr 9 3:08am PDT
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner