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Team Name Manager Email Waiver Priority Moves Trades Last League Activity
logo Admirals Terminators--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--1328 0 Sun Mar 26 7:43pm PDT
logo Black Jayz--hidden----hidden--1145 0 Mon Mar 27 4:56pm PDT
logo Fewtang--hidden----hidden--1419 0 Sun Mar 26 1:58pm PDT
logo G.O.A.T--hidden----hidden--170 0 Mon Mar 27 7:39pm PDT
logo GreenThunder--hidden----hidden--1248 0 Sat Mar 25 5:09am PDT
logo GURU's Game-Changing Team--hidden----hidden--941 0 Sat Mar 25 1:24pm PDT
logo JW's Sensational Team--hidden----hidden--84 1 Sun Mar 19 9:15am PDT
logo Kalamazoo Kings--hidden----hidden--75 0 Sat Mar 18 2:15pm PDT
logo Los Spurs--hidden----hidden--419 0 Sun Mar 26 11:07am PDT
logo Patrick's Team--hidden----hidden--33 0 Sat Nov 19 6:36pm PST
logo The Real MVP--hidden----hidden--1067 1 Tue Mar 28 3:48pm PDT
logo TheDreamShake--hidden----hidden--222 0 Mon Mar 27 7:17am PDT
logo Veledizasyon--hidden----hidden--517 0 Mon Mar 20 1:21am PDT
logo WOOT Th Wayward Goth--hidden----hidden--622 0 Tue Mar 28 10:09am PDT
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner