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League Members

Rank Manager Team Rating (+-) Level
1 --hidden-- logo Dynasty Views 946 Diamond
2 --hidden-- logo Straw Hats 918 Diamond
3 --hidden-- logo Hold my Beer 🍺 💪🏾 863 Platinum
4 --hidden-- logo $TeamGetmoney $ 815 Platinum
5 --hidden-- logo Pippen Ain't Easy 745 Gold
6 --hidden-- logo I’m Rick James bih!!!! 742 Gold
7 --hidden-- logo Revenge of the Griffins 22' 683 Silver
8 --hidden-- logo Anfernee Mcgrady 656 Silver
9 --hidden-- logo HandDownManDown 629 Silver
10 --hidden-- logo COOL HAND LUKA 585 Bronze
11 --hidden-- logo Don't be a Debbie Dončić 569 Bronze
12 --hidden-- logo marko's Nice Team 562 Bronze

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    Straw Hats (A Yahoo User) Draft Time changed from '' to 'Sat Oct 8 4:00pm PDT'

    Aug 2 7:39 pm
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    Straw Hats (A Yahoo User) Draft Type changed from 'Offline' to 'Live'

    Aug 2 7:39 pm

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